On Report

Donna and Shanelle31:14 minutesSpanking
On Report 0
On Report 1
On Report 2
On Report 3
On Report 4

The headmaster, unable to deal with the two girls on report himself requires them to punish each other in turn at his discretion. OTK spankings cane and tawse are used throughout this movie

Aunt Joans Return

Liz and Serena Bond43:31 minutesSpanking
Aunt Joans Return 0
Aunt Joans Return 1
Aunt Joans Return 2
Aunt Joans Return 3
Aunt Joans Return 4

Aunt Joan returns to deal with the twins in the manner the headmistress had painfully demonstrated to her on her visit. Now Liz & Andy will suffer the consequences of sound OTK spankings slipper tawse and cane

The Bank Manager

Liz and Serena Bond31:30 minutesSpanking
The Bank Manager 0
The Bank Manager 1
The Bank Manager 2
The Bank Manager 3
The Bank Manager 4

Miss Bond has been at the branch for many years and is very much set in her ways and not one for change. The new bank manager brought into to trouble shoot the poor work standards and soon she applies some very traditional methods of correction as she turns Miss Bond over her knee for a sound spanking then the cane and ruler

Landlords Revenge

Chayne, Liz, and Serena Bond29:19 minutesSpanking
Landlords Revenge 0
Landlords Revenge 1
Landlords Revenge 2
Landlords Revenge 3
Landlords Revenge 4

The girls having been soundly spanked and sent to bed still cannot stop themselves from a pillow fight Aunty Joan returns swiftly to the scene....bottoms are bared once again as they are thrown over aunties knee. The following day the minx's have sneaked back into the bar Fred the landlord decides they should have first hand experience as to what had happened to Liz's Aunt Joan

Petticoat Parlour

Karen and Serena Bond31:50 minutesSpanking
Petticoat Parlour 0
Petticoat Parlour 1
Petticoat Parlour 2
Petticoat Parlour 3
Petticoat Parlour 4

A complaint regarding her new assistant. Joan as always dealt with the matter in her own way, by taking the woman across her knee and spanking her for the error of her ways. She lambasted her verbally and with a variety of implements....stopping only to take a phone call. Joan returned red-faced and explain the phone call was from the client and in the confusion Joan had mistakenly accused the wrong girl. NOW THE TABLES ARE TURNED!! Aunt Joan is spanked over the knee with her skirt and petticoat pulled up and her panties yanked down

School Rules

Serena Bond and Gina37:29 minutesSpanking
School Rules 0
School Rules 1
School Rules 2
School Rules 3
School Rules 4

The head mistress Miss Bond was in despair once she set eyes on the new schoolgirl's uniform.  Her skirt was too short,  high heels and ankle socks.  Time for old school discipline.  Gina was taken swiftly across the headmistresses knee to have her skirt flipped up for a good spanking.  The spanked schoolgirl was shocked to be told to dress correctly before the rest of her correctional punishment was to continue...the cane hairbrush tawse

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Caught in The Pub 0
Caught in The Pub 1
Caught in The Pub 2
Caught in The Pub 3
Caught in The Pub 4

Liz and her friend Chayne are back in trouble again with Liz's Aunt Joan. The girls are both publicly spanked and sent home when she finds them at the bar; the girls sit at home and await for Liz's Aunt Joan to return for they both knew what to expect on her return. The tale later unfolds as Fred the bar tender loses customers and deals with Aunt Joan himself

Aunt Joan Visits The Headmistress 0
Aunt Joan Visits The Headmistress 1
Aunt Joan Visits The Headmistress 2
Aunt Joan Visits The Headmistress 3
Aunt Joan Visits The Headmistress 4

Aunty Joan was summoned to the exclusive Reshword boarding school where the headmistress wished to discuss Joan's laxity in dealing with the misbehaviour of her nephew & niece. She is shown how it should be done

Wicked Stepmother

Lady Pandora and Suzanne27:11 minutesSpanking
Wicked Stepmother 0
Wicked Stepmother 1
Wicked Stepmother 2
Wicked Stepmother 3
Wicked Stepmother 4

Suzanne denies any knowledge as to the disappearance of £20 from her stepmother’s purse but in such a manner she finds herself across her lap having her bottom spanked. The uppity madam has attitude which does not bode well with her wickedly harsh stepmother who then precedes to slipper the girl before bending her over the chair for a xxx beating with the heavy prison strap. The girl dares not move until she is soundly punished. The told to pick her own cane and bent over again for a final six of the best.

Lady Emma and The Governess 0
Lady Emma and The Governess 1
Lady Emma and The Governess 2
Lady Emma and The Governess 3
Lady Emma and The Governess 4

Emma had been enrolled into the Governess's academy for young ladies for her further guidance by her guardian. Unfortunately her ladette attitude does nothing to endear her to her new governess. As she enters the study she is scolded on her appearance and attitude and told to dress in the academy's day uniform and report back to the study. On her return Emma found herself taken across the governess's knee to have her skirt and petticoats lifted for damn good spanking to correct the wilful Emma. She is soon squealing across her lap as the slipper reddened her bottom. Emma was bent over the desk to be caned and strapped and then the poor girl is taken back across the governess's knee for a further hard spanking as she is informed her guardian has been called to deal with her.