Spanked Schoolgirl

Lady Pandora and Lily37:41 minutesSpanking
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Lily was not paying attention in class which led to a firm bare bottom spanking Lily complained so she was bent over birched, spanked, slippered and ruler-ed.  At playtime she had the nerve to ask the headmistress for a light landing her a further spanking outside. Summoned to see the headmistress at the end of the day she was told to give a note to her father,  who was not very pleased

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After being sent to fetch bread from the local shop Shan decides to play outside on her return. Mother is angry and scolds her daughter as father is waiting for his tea. The back chat leads to a maternal spanking whilst father goes to the pub,.on his return however he puts his daughter over his knee and gives her the spanking she deserves.

Truant Daughter

Lady Pandora and Liz27:34 minutesSpanking
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Mother is not happy with her daughter when yet another letter has comes from school regarding her persistent truancy. She deals with the matter in the time honoured fashion across her lap, Liz squeals for mercy under the thundering heavy spanking form her mother as she dangles across her lap with her pleated school skirt raised to reveal an increasingly redder bottom. Liz is so embarrassed to be over her mother's lap being spanked she pleads for her to stop

Miss Disciplinarian

Kayte and Shanelle27:45 minutesSpanking
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Shanelle's husband had booked her in for therapy little did Shanelle know that this was corrective therapy for her attitude. Once she had crossed the threshold she was under her jurisdiction After quickly being turned across the disciplinarian's knee she soon submits to the rest of the therapy and is told to leave the room and dress in her old school uniform to help Shanelle to regress to the spankings she should have had as a naughty schoolgirl. She is spanked across the knee very hard with her pleated school skirt pushed to her waist exposed her bare bottom for more lambasting

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Times are tough when Sarah Jane comes to England to stay with her Aunt; her mother's household was liberal in the states so she soon finds herself thrown into the traditional English firm family values her Aunt maintains. She finds herself across aunt's knee for a long overdue spanking on the seat of her jeans. Sent to get changed Sarah returns for the family trip out and once again is pushing her aunt dressing up to be sassy in Aunt Bridget's old clothes. This time she pays the price.

Times Up

Liz and Serena Bond28:52 minutesSpanking
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Liz has sneaked out to the pub when she should be at home revising for her A levels. It was a shock for her when her Aunt Joan walked in the pub and found her; sent straight home to await her fate, she is soon taken across the knee for a good sound spanking before being sent to bed early. She still doesn't settle and is caught sending texts with her phone so she is promptly spanked and caned.

Aunt Joan

Liz and Serena Bond34:19 minutesSpanking
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When Elizabeth stayed with her Aunty Joan she didn't expect the strict regime under which aunty ran her house. She learnt quickly once she was taken across aunt's knee for a spanking for stopping out past her curfew her protests then lead to aunty taking out her hairbrush and slipper so control the girls outburst's as Liz was soundly spanked. Aunty Joan further punished her wilful niece with the strap and cane

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