Lady Pandora and Liz21:50 minutesSpanking
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Cheers 1
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Cheers 3
Cheers 4

This girl has no respect !! after her mother's patience is pushed around she knows the age old penalty. A trip over mom's knee for a long overdue hard spanking before she is sent to fetch the hairbrush. Liz is then taken by the arm and put over the end of the settee as her mother flips up her pleated cheerleader skirt and spanks her bottom with the hairbrush

P.A. Appraisal

Liz and Shanelle33:01 minutesSpanking
P.A. Appraisal 0
P.A. Appraisal 1
P.A. Appraisal 2
P.A. Appraisal 3
P.A. Appraisal 4

The new personal assistant has been caught using the company phone again and is summoned to her boss's office where she is reprimanded for her poor work ethics.  Faced with dismissal Liz opts for a discipline session to improve her work  and lowers herself over the boss's lap, initially spanked over her skirt, she soon has her panties lowered for many hard stinging spanks with a hairbrush as she yelps across the knee

Retro Spank

Shanelle and Donna28:55 minutesSpanking
Retro Spank 0
Retro Spank 1
Retro Spank 2
Retro Spank 3
Retro Spank 4

Sisters Shanelle and Deborah find themselves arguing over the dress Shanelle borrowed from her big sister without asking. The tables are turned on Deborah however as a compromise she agrees to take her spanking as long as their parents aren't told of their secret. Skirts and petticoats are turned up in a flurry as these two sisters spank each other soundly in a cat spat

Peggy Sue

Lady Pandora and Liz27:23 minutesSpanking
Peggy Sue 0
Peggy Sue 1
Peggy Sue 2
Peggy Sue 3
Peggy Sue 4

Out with the boys & lying? The skirt & petticoats offer no protection as her mother drags her across her knee and quickly lifts her skirt and petticoats to bare her bottom for a long hard spanking with her firm hand,tawse, slipper and hairbrush and taste of the home cane also corrects her wilful daughter as she squeals whilst pinned across her mother's lap

Sunday Dress

Liz and Serena Bond30:39 minutesSpanking
Sunday Dress 0
Sunday Dress 1
Sunday Dress 2
Sunday Dress 3
Sunday Dress 4

Skipping and playing outside before she went for tea in her Sunday best dress? That deserves the spanking of a lifetime for ruining her best dress once Aunt Joan catches her and she does!! Spanked strapped slippered and caned 

The Correction of Kitty o'Brian 0
The Correction of Kitty o'Brian 1
The Correction of Kitty o'Brian 2
The Correction of Kitty o'Brian 3
The Correction of Kitty o'Brian 4

Mz. Lizzy had been caught stealing from her mistress so after being put once again over the knee in just her petticoats and bloomers for a spanking she is told to return later that day to be placed over the birching block to be strapped and birched by the mistress whom had stripped down to her corset and stocking feet to perform the punishment. Her mistress finishes the punishment with six of the best with the cane as Lizzy howls 

The Headmistress

Liz31:16 minutesDomination
The Headmistress 0
The Headmistress 1
The Headmistress 2
The Headmistress 3
The Headmistress 4

The foolish boy finds himself sent to the headmistress's study where once again he is thrown across her lap and given the spanking he deserves. This time he also receives the cane as punishment

Shameless Seniors

Shanelle27:48 minutesSpanking
Shameless Seniors 0
Shameless Seniors 1
Shameless Seniors 2
Shameless Seniors 3
Shameless Seniors 4

The two girls wait in the Headmistress's study for her return. They know they are going to get punished but how severe they don't know, The film stars top models Jo & Sammie in there first venture into a spanking film;and yes they did get spanked hard for real

Sibling Spanking

Liz and Shanelle36:58 minutesSpanking
Sibling Spanking 0
Sibling Spanking 1
Sibling Spanking 2
Sibling Spanking 3
Sibling Spanking 4

Liz is told she has to baby sit her younger sister whilst their parents go out. Annoyed at having to do this chore as she was going out with her new boyfriend plus aggravated by her sister’s constant taunting and chattering at her, she sees an opportunity to put some discipline into action. Skirt up, petticoats up and panties pulled down as she howls across her big sister knee getting a long overdue spanking

Stable Boy

Liz and Hadders42:42 minutesSpanking
Stable Boy 0
Stable Boy 1
Stable Boy 2
Stable Boy 3
Stable Boy 4

The incompetent stable boy has been caught by the riding mistress xxx from the estates xxx cellar. He is reprimanded before being laid across her lap for a spanking, the buffoon is so ignorant she takes it a step further and thrashes him with straps canes and her riding crop