Wicked Stepmother

Lady Pandora and Suzanne27:11 minutesSpanking
Wicked Stepmother 0
Wicked Stepmother 1
Wicked Stepmother 2
Wicked Stepmother 3
Wicked Stepmother 4

Suzanne denies any knowledge as to the disappearance of £20 from her stepmother’s purse but in such a manner she finds herself across her lap having her bottom spanked. The uppity madam has attitude which does not bode well with her wickedly harsh stepmother who then precedes to slipper the girl before bending her over the chair for a xxx beating with the heavy prison strap. The girl dares not move until she is soundly punished. The told to pick her own cane and bent over again for a final six of the best.

Lady Emma and The Governess 0
Lady Emma and The Governess 1
Lady Emma and The Governess 2
Lady Emma and The Governess 3
Lady Emma and The Governess 4

Emma had been enrolled into the Governess's academy for young ladies for her further guidance by her guardian. Unfortunately her ladette attitude does nothing to endear her to her new governess. As she enters the study she is scolded on her appearance and attitude and told to dress in the academy's day uniform and report back to the study. On her return Emma found herself taken across the governess's knee to have her skirt and petticoats lifted for damn good spanking to correct the wilful Emma. She is soon squealing across her lap as the slipper reddened her bottom. Emma was bent over the desk to be caned and strapped and then the poor girl is taken back across the governess's knee for a further hard spanking as she is informed her guardian has been called to deal with her.

School Girl Dreams

Liz and Serena Bond42:25 minutesSpanking
School Girl Dreams 0
School Girl Dreams 1
School Girl Dreams 2
School Girl Dreams 3
School Girl Dreams 4

The tables looks to have turned on aunty Joan after Liz endures a good spanking over aunt's knee. The schoolmistress thinks she ought to exact retribution for Joan's stern control of Liz and for being to light fingered with the W.I. treasury;  or is it all just a dream?

Santas Little Whelper

Liz and Shanelle33:16 minutesSpanking
Santas Little Whelper 0
Santas Little Whelper 1
Santas Little Whelper 2
Santas Little Whelper 3
Santas Little Whelper 4

Christmas time again and the naughty girl cannot wait to open her presents alas she is caught by Santa's helper who has no patience for naughty boys & girls so out come a few presents of her own a good hand spanking, the xmas cane a sound slippering & more hand spanking..Hoo hoo ho Santa must've thought

Nurse Naughty

Liz and Shanelle31:55 minutesSpanking
Nurse Naughty 0
Nurse Naughty 1
Nurse Naughty 2
Nurse Naughty 3
Nurse Naughty 4

Sister has a very dim view of the young nurse flirting herself across the ward to the doctors and patients, she will deal with this her own way by taking this wilful tart across her knee for a good hard spanking; nurse Elizabeth does know the rules however and quickly points out if she can not exact the same punishment on ward sister she will be reported

Cheeky Cheerleaders

Liz and Shanelle32:39 minutesSpanking
Cheeky Cheerleaders 0
Cheeky Cheerleaders 1
Cheeky Cheerleaders 2
Cheeky Cheerleaders 3
Cheeky Cheerleaders 4

The two naughty cheerleaders suspended from cheer practice await for the arrival of the gym mistress; both girls have found themselves in this position before and re enact some of the spankings they have had in the past and also what they expect to receive shortly

Cousin Capers

John, Liz, and Shanelle31:03 minutesSpanking
Cousin Capers 0
Cousin Capers 1
Cousin Capers 2
Cousin Capers 3
Cousin Capers 4

Two cousins find their uncle's spanking magazines which intrigues them to try spanking each other. This also reminds them vividly of the spankings they earn themselves growing up on uncle's farm and being put over his knee in turn for a very hard spanking 

Spankers Delight Inn

Liz and Shanelle30:49 minutesSpanking
Spankers Delight Inn 0
Spankers Delight Inn 1
Spankers Delight Inn 2
Spankers Delight Inn 3
Spankers Delight Inn 4

The floozy barmaid faces the wrath of pub landlady Betty when she fails in her chores; dirty bar, stealing money from the till and short changing the customers and lying. There's only one thing left for this girl!! spanked caned and strapped


Liz and Shanelle38:41 minutesSpanking
Headgirl 0
Headgirl 1
Headgirl 2
Headgirl 3
Headgirl 4

Hiding in her dormitory won't save her from the bullying prefect. Shanelle is spanked and then strapped on her bed before being sent to the gym for the prefect's punishment, more over the knee spanking along with the strapping and caning


Liz and Shanelle25:16 minutesSpanking
Sheila 0
Sheila 1
Sheila 2
Sheila 3
Sheila 4

The Australian exchange student is soon brought down to earth by the strict school mistress who will not tolerate her wilful behaviour. The girl would not admit she had been out of bounds down at the shops so she is taken to task Sheila receives otk, cane and the strap from the English mistress